Opening and Closing Ceremonies — Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Organization of the opening ceremony between the two inaugural games using innovative technologies (as holographic effect projections and interactivity between videos and dancers) and showcasing Saudi Arabia, its tradition & modernity as well as the participating clubs.

The impressive surface of video projection both on the ground and on the 4 sides of the Pepperscrim fabric technology sublimated by several pyrotechnic effects and an original musical composition created especially for the event.


We added to this some innovative creative solutions never seen in Saudi Arabia:
– Giant holographs
– Meticulously rehearsed interactivity between the video and the performers

IHF2021_mapping_rehearsal__1.3.5 copie

We have thus transformed the ground into a 360° immersive show stage allowing the design of a performance using the height of the volume to create tables combining artistic performances and holographic visual effects sublimating the beauty and the technicality of handball gestures.